My name is Paul Browning and I served as a police officer in the UK from 1989 to June 2000, a long way from the world of IT I admit. I fancied a career change because working shifts meant that I only got one weekend off per month and I was missing time with my family and friends. I made the jump into a career in IT and began working on a helpdesk doing basic desktop support.


Eager to learn more I began studying for Microsoft and Cisco qualifications. It was hard going but with a strong desire to learn and progress I dedicated 2 hours per day to studying and quickly passed my A+, Network+, MCSE and CCNA (and other exams).


There was just one problem…I didn’t know how to subnet!



Why Do They Make Subnetting Seem So Difficult?

I am sure you, like me are not a lazy person at all. I read every article I could get my hands on and many books written by several so called ‘networking gurus’. They seemed to have an in depth understanding of how subnetting worked. The problem was this though; they made it so hard to understand that most people just can’t work out how to subnet using their techniques! Can you imagine now just how frustrating that really feels? It’s like banging your head against a brick wall.


I struggled through the best I could and managed to get by in exams and job interviews. I even spent 2 years working at Cisco TAC in the UK but the way I used to work out subnets took what seemed like an age and I often had to revert to subnet calculators which looks very unprofessional to say the least!!


Even the experienced IT engineers I worked with who told me they could subnet were using methods that were either really complicated or just very inaccurate. Either that or they were showing me ways that took minutes to work out and I’m sure you’ll agree that you just don’t have that valuable time to waste when you are troubleshooting a live network.


That’s when I’d had just about enough and I said to myself, ‘It is about time you learned how to subnet the easy way’.


You Will Learn the Easy Way to Subnet

After a few frustrating years in IT I finally got sick of reading books that made everything sound so difficult. I had 4 years experience behind me and I knew that most networking subjects are fairly easy to understand once they are explained in simple terms with a few examples to demonstrate the point. So I decided to write my own Cisco CCNA home study guide which is available via my IT training web site.


It has helped hundreds of people like you to understand subnetting and much more and it is called ‘Cisco CCNA Simplified – Your Complete Guide to Passing the CCNA Exam’ and you can read more about it. I grew all that content to create one of the worlds first membership only CCNA online training sites to host streaming videos showing you how to configure Cisco routers and switches.


The site is called www.howtonetwork.com.


While writing ‘Cisco CCNA Simplified’ I discovered a revolutionary new way to subnet. It was so quick and easy that when I showed it to other network engineers they dismissed me saying that subnetting just couldn’t be worked out in 15 seconds. Some wouldn’t even look!


I wasn’t put off so I began teaching the easy way to subnet on my Cisco CCNA boot camps in the UK and the students were stunned at how easy a once complicated subject matter really was. Even veteran IT experts just sat there spellbound as I simply ticked a few boxes on the Subnetting Secrets© Chart and came up with answers to even the most difficult subnetting questions before their eyes. They said to me that ‘this is even quicker than using a subnetting calculator’.


Everywhere I started to hear stories from people raving about my new way to subnet, word seemed to be spreading like wildfire.


If you want to learn how to quickly and easily subnet so you can do it with confidence at work, during exams or in interview for jobs you have come to the right place. Please browse the content and enjoy the videos. If you really want to be a subnetting master then you are in the right place. It could help earn you your dream job or keep you from losing it! Subnetting Secrets has helped over three thousand people improve their subnetting.